At Co Locksmiths-Commercial Locksmith Everett, we are considered leaders in the Commercial Locksmith in Everett (and other local locations) arena. That’s because we have, on hand, an experienced group of technicians/certified locksmiths that understand the commercial market and what it takes to secure a commercial property.

What Can We Offer You?

As you know, commercial properties have particular, and different requirements as opposed to residential security. Not only is CO Locksmiths aware of these differences, but we also ensure a response time of 20 minutes, while being available 24/7.

CO Locksmith offers commercial services which include:

  • Commercial security lock installation
  • Upgrading, repairing and maintaining security systems
  • Systems that are designed to restrict access
  • Creating duplicate keys
  • Working with combination locks

Our job, at CO Locksmiths, is to deliver the best service for competitive prices and this has given our stellar reputation in the Everett, Tacoma and Kirkland area. Our customers have come to trust our service, and our commercial clients will use these services on a continuous basis.

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Beyond the skills and expertise that CO Locksmiths offers, we also understand another critical aspect of our business. That pertains to the ability to get the work done as soon as possible and without disturbing the daily routine of our commercial clients. This is a policy that we strictly adhere to, and our customers certainly appreciate us for that!

Th hands of innovation have also reached the security industry. With that said, we have trained our people to supply and provide high-tech security systems such as:

  • Fingerprint-sensitive and locks that are biometric
  • Maintaining “keyless entry” security systems
  • Electric lock servicing
  • Electronic lock services

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a small, routine lock service call, or a full-blown emergency, we deliver the same quality service for your Everett Commercial Locksmith needs every single time.

We can also help you set up or maintain security systems such as:

  • Entry systems (managed)
  • Card reading systems
  • Safe locking and maintaining
  • Desk and file cabinet lock security
  • Locks that can provide an “audit trail”
  • Working with electro-mechanical locks.
  • Auto/manual entrance and exits
  • “Panic” bars
  • Auto door closing
  • Complete commercial security

When you need a commercial locksmith in the Tacoma, Everett or Kirkland area, call CO Locksmiths and we’ll answer your call any time of the day, or night! We will be there in no more than 20 minutes to provide you highly trained and experienced locksmiths!

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