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Electronic locks are well known for decades now, mainly from the vehicle industry. Gladly, in the past few years the electronic locks industry has pivoted somewhat into the private housing sector and to the benefits of all.

Electronic locks have a quite a few advantages to them which we will discuss shortly in this article.

For starters – full synchrony in the house security system. Today, many houses in America have some sort of electronic security system with alerts. Those systems automatically notify the house owners and sometimes even report immediately to 9-9-1 in cases of unauthorized entrances. Electronic locks are another layer of safety in this very smart and advanced system. Having your house entrances equipped with electronic locks enables communication between the systems, maximizing security for the household. Certainly, a huge and positive leap in living standards.

Electronic locks are also really convenient! Think about it – phone, wallet, keys; right? Well, no! Electronic lock allow a keyless entry and that alone is one of the best ”life hacks” we’ve been introduced to, in the housing tech industry lately. Also it totally eliminated the possibility to lose your keys or get pick pocketed. And that alone makes it really hard for a stranger to enter your home.

Lastly, like many electronic solutions, residential e-locks have 24/7 lockout service. Meaning, getting stuck should really be taken out of the lexicon. An Emergency locksmith is LITERARELY always available for whatever scenario you can imagine. So this really puts the e-lock in a positive light.

However, like every product, there are always some disadvantages that must be pointed out as well. Although not crucial, it is worth mentioning that like with every electronic device – there are chances of faults. Unlike mechanic devices that are (in some cases) more durable, the electronic locks are more exposed to wear and tear, none the less, a near by locksmith can solve that problem.

All in all, once can say, that residential electronic lock’s advantages exceed their drawbacks and are worthwhile.

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